NJERI, uganda

dollars funded

people affected



well, solar pump and storage tank

A well supported by a solar pump system and tank was drilled on the property of Divine Holistic Ministries in Njeru, Uganda. Njeru is the largest town in the Buikwe District in the Central Region of Uganda. Divine Holy Ministries employs a holistic approach in ministering to vulnerable women, children, and youth.

 The water quality is good and has been certified by the government water office, and the well will soon provide clean water. There is much excitement over the well in Njeru and the original estimate of 700 people being positively affected by this clean water source has been raised to 3,000! The increased population which we now think will use this clean water source includes school children from three schools, neighboring communities, and people from local churches.

 The next step is to complete the well pump and water storage system.  Originally, the plan contemplated installation of a solar pump system. However, the recovery rate for the output of the borehole has caused our partner, Heaven’s Family, to conclude that an electric pump is a better solution.