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Baluwa Village is a very impoverished, rural area in Malawi. Their water sources were shallow, hand-dug wells beside swampy freshwater streams. It took upwards of five or more hours to reach the streams. Once they arrive, the villagers often spent the whole day there waiting for water to re-fill the wells. The water is very contaminated despite attempts to partially filter it, and water borne diseases claim many lives every year.

A deep well has now been drilled in the community. The people are enjoying safe, clean drinking water for the first time in their lives. That is correct, for the FIRST time in their lives. Now, that there is abundant clean water, mothers can spend much more time with their families and children can go to school instead of spending hours fetching water.

This project brought clean water to the Baluwa community, but way more people than we imagined are flocking to this well. The people of five surrounding villages have never used clean water since their communities came into existence.  They are now all traveling to Baluwa for clean water. It is a long trip, but at least the water is free of contaminates.  

The good news is you have changed the lives of the people of Baluwa Village. The better news is because of your abundant generosity and world-changing hearts, we were able to fund and drill two extra wells to help even more people.