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well and hand pump

Rweru Village is a rural village that is called a “Reconciliation Village”. “Reconciliation Villages” arose from the aftermath of the devastation of the country due to the horrific mass murder of the Tutsi tribe during the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 by the Hutu tribe.

The well project is completed and the people are enjoying clean water. No longer will the people of Rweru have to drink contaminated lake water where many suffered with sickness and death. Also, some would drown when having to fetch water in the swampy lake. The launching of the well included remarks about how it is now their role to protect and appropriately use the cherished well.  A Water Committee has been formed (a common practice that we encourage and embrace when funding well projects).  The Members from the water committee are in charge of monitoring the well and have placed a protective box over the top of the tap to control the hours people can come to collect water. Prayers and thanks were lifted in excitement for the gift of clean water!