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Thank you so much to the TLC Families who funded this well to bring clean water to Kailash Village in India!


Ingomar Living Waters has identified a critical need for clean water in Kailash, India. Kailash village is in Karnal District of Haryana state in North India. It is an impoverished, rural village, the people mostly work as farmers working in the fields for very low income. This village does have a primary school. The village has a hand pump well which helped the villagers to have water for many years, but now this well has dried-up since 10 months. When the water dried-up the people had to get rid of their livestock because of lack of water. The people often travel to the nearby towns, about 3 km (about 1.8 miles), for water or they get it from their work places. Some people will buy water from water tankers if they have the means. Many do not have the means and drink surface water without facilities to properly treat it resulting in cholera, dengue fever, and skin diseases.

The well will be a deep well and provide year-round, sufficient clean water that should not dry up. A bore well will meet the basic need for water for the community. Water is an urgent need for this village. Providing a well will give them abundant clean water to drink, cook with, bathe, and for other household needs. Their health will improve. They will not be thirsty and have to go to the next village for water. They can use water to grow vegetables at their homes. They can once again have some livestock to help with a nutritious diet and to earn some money to support their families. Their lives will be changed!

Thank you to the TLC Families who funded this project!