Dawuni Yili, Ghana

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January 26, 2021FUNDED The closest well to Dawuni Yili, Ghana is about 6 miles away. Therefore, villagers usually walk just under 2 miles to a local pond for water. However, that water is shared by animals and is very dirty. Some villagers suspect witchcraft when someone gets sick from drinking the dirty water. It will take $3,000 to drill a well capable of supporting the village of just over 900 people.

The pandemic forced the cancelation of the annual holiday party by John & Diane Ellis in 2020.  John & Diane asked for people to contribute to provide clean water to those in need.  And providing clean water Dawuni Yili, Ghana is one of three projects funded by your generosity! The other two: Kiterede (Kitaihuka Clinic), Uganda and Hakiot Basthti, India

Thank you so much for your generosity and well wishes!  Stay tuned as we provide more info as the project gets underway and is eventually completed.

This project was made possible through generous donations in lieu of the 2020 John & Diane Ellis Holiday Party