Project 2019-009

two Well in Tehan Community, Myanmar

Country Myanmar
Village Tahan Community
Type Two Wells 
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Funded

Funded August 1, 2019

Tehan community in Kalay township, Kalamyo, Myanmar is a large, impoverished slum community where the people experience many daily hardships. Three tribes live in this area, Mizo, Falam, and Haka. They are mostly Christians.

They have been suffering with a major water crisis since April. The wells have dried up and they have no water.  The government is providing a small amount of help with water and the church is providing emergency water that is trucked-in, but it is only a temporary fix and it is not enough to serve all the people. Although it is the dry season, many think the potential reason for the local wells totally drying-up is major flooding which occurred in 2015 which took out so many trees and vegetation.

The wells (which have dried up) are shallow open wells, an average of 15-20 feet deep. There are 3 springs in the region, but they are far away and the water must be trucked in, which is costly. The villagers hope that the wells will re-charge once the rains come, but this will not solve the problem as they are shallow, open polluted wells that make people sick if the water is not boiled. The wells funded with this project will be deep wells so the people may have abundant, clean water to drink.

Common water-related illness are kidney stones, kidney disease, typhoid, intestinal illness, and diarrhea. There has been a high rate of young children dying from drinking the water.

The community spans over some miles, so the project include drilling two wells, one in the east and one in the west on church property, for the entire community to use.

The funding for this project was provided by a Small Group that periodically meets to study scripture. The group pooled their resources to fund this well and all of them are World Changers!

Description on last photo of family

This is the family of Pi Liani from the West side. She has 3 sons is is now a widow as her husband passed away last year from Kidney disease. The grandmother (in yellow) was afflicted with Kidney stones. She passed through painful, difficult urination symptoms for years as they had no money for treatment. Finally, they sold their property for the treatment. The medication helped her condition, but the physician told her the water she was drinking was not good for her condition, that she needs to drink pure water, but they do not have money for bottled water.

The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of a Small Group of World Changers.