Project 2018-007

Two Wells, an electric pump, and storage station in Sangpoi and Sitara, India

Country India
Village Sangpoi and Sitara
Type Two Wells
Partner Heaven’s Family
 Cost $3,000
Status Funded

Sangpoi Village is a remote village in the Karnal District, Haryana State in northern India. Farming is how most live and life is very hard for them. There is a small Christian church established in the village and the local Hindu people support the Christians here. They do not persecute them as is so often the case in northern India where persecution of Christians is often violent. This village is extremely poor.

They do not have a clean water source. There is a very large pond, but it is very polluted and not suitable for drinking. It is used for all other household needs such as laundry and bathing. Skin disease and fever are common. For drinking water, the villagers must walk long distances two to four miles and carry the water or buy it which is very expensive for them.

Sitara Village is a similarly sized village (both about 3,000 inhabitants) in same district and state as Sangpoi Village.  Sitara Village has a mix of Hindu, Muslim, and Sikhs residents.  It is a poor village where people work as laborers in fields. There is only a primary school. If a child is to receive further education they travel long distances and, therefore, many do not receive a higher education. There is neither a hospital or good medical clinic nearby.

At one time, a bore well was drilled by the Sikh community, but it is now dry. There has been no drinking water in this village for three years. The villagers tried to repair the well, but it was not successful. Women and children go for water, walking two to three miles or using carts or bicycles.

Water borne disease is common, including skin diseases, cholera, Dengue fever and viral fever.

The $3,000 project was made possible through the generosity of three World Changers who wish to remain anonymous.