Project 2018-003

Well, solar pump, and water storage tank in Njeru, Uganda

Country Uganda
Village Njeru
Type Well, Solar Pump, and Water Storage Tank
Partner Divine Holistic Ministries
Cost $10,500
Status In Progress

A well supported by a solar pump system and tank will be drilled and placed on the property of Divine Holistic Ministries in Njeru, Uganda. Njeru is the largest town in the Buikwe District in the Central Region of Uganda. Divine Holy Ministries employs a holistic approach in ministering to vulnerable women, children, and youth.

The community is very poor, with the average person living on less than a dollar a day. Farming is the main source of income and there is some small industry. This community has historically relied on rainfall for water. They collect and store rain water in plastic tanks which does not last through the dry seasons and therefore must be rationed. The local source of water is a swamp 3/4 mile away.  Animals drink at the swamp location and the people obviously prefer to eke out their rain water supply to the last drop. The collected rainwater should be boiled (though not everyone does or can boil it) because it is usually not secure and becomes contaminated. Chlorine tablets are used sanitize the collected rain water.

Drilling a well that also includes a solar pump system and tower and tank will maximize the benefit to the ministry and the surrounding community of 700. The ministry will be able to support more livestock and grow more crops, which they can consume or sell. Our funding will also be used to pipe the stored water, via a gravity feed, to access points on the ministry property, including a community access location and a location to draw water for irrigation. This will allow not only clean water for the inhabitants of the community, but water to irrigate crops (which, in turn, will allow for a healthier diet).

This project includes not only the well but a solar pumping system and a water storage tower. Where feasible, adding a solar pumping system and storage mechanism improves the situation even more…..more water for more people, often with water available for crops and livestock. 

Update – November 17, 2018

Well was drilled!

The $10,500 project was made possible through the generosity of two World Changer couples who wish to remain anonymous.