Over the years, Ingomar Living Waters has completed over 160 clean water projects.  Click below to explore recent projects. 


2018 Year In Review

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Thanks to the generosity of those who contributed to Ingomar Living Waters we were able to fund projects that will bring clean water to over 42,000 people. To learn more about these projects and the results, click to open our 2018 Year In Review report. Additional details on all 2018 projects, can be found in the individual project pages below.

Project 001

Well and hand pump in Rweru, Rwanda

Project 002

Well in Baluwa, Malawi

Project 003

Well, solar pump and water storage tank in Njeru, Uganda

Project 004

Well, solar pump and water storage tower in Kibwezi, Kenya

Project 005

Two water cisterns in La Aldea, Mexico

Project 006

Well in Kambour, Cambodia

Project 007

Two wells, an electric pump, and storage station in Sangpoi and Sitara, India

Project 008

Well, electric pump, latrines and hand-washing station in Shan State, Myanmar

Project 009

160 water filters provided in Villa De San Francisco, Honduras

Project 010

Well, treatment, and distribution system in Gonaives / Buk Vincent, Haiti

Project 011

Well at a birthing clinic in Kabasera, Uganda

Project 012

Additional 750 water filters provided in Villa De San Francisco, Honduras

Project 013

Well to service villages of Nkando, Nasiyaya & Kazembe, Malawi

Project 014

Well to service villages of Thawale & Mthundu, Malawi

a sample of projects from prior years

Ngowsani West, Kenya

Completed well project in Ngowsani West, Kenya. Including a deep well was drilled, a large water storage tank was built, and a solar pump installed.

Mula Town, Liberia

Completed well project in Mula Town, Liberia. A 32-meter-deep borehole was dug to reach an aquifer, casing installed, created platform, and hand pump assembled.

Haryana, India

Completed well project Panipat Village, Haryana state, India. Besides providing sorely needed relief from lack of clean drinking water, each of these wells is opening doors to share the gospel!

Dwan Town, Liberia

Completed well in Dwan Town, Liberia. A rig was drilled to create a borehole that measured 28 meters deep. Casing added, concrete poured, hand-pump assembled, and fence built.

Ongoing water filtration kit project

Water Filtration Buckets for La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras

To alleviate this specific health problem, HHM, with funds provided by Ingomar Living Waters (Living Waters), distributed filters to 750 families, in 2017.  This past February, the group distributed an additional 200 filters to families in the newly visited town of Guanacaste.  Over the past 7 years Living Waters has purchased 2,192 Filters.

The impact has been dramatic.  Health workers, teachers and pastors in the various communities have noticed a significant improvement in the health of both adults and children Gastrointestinal illnesses have dramatically declined (up to 90%) because of use of the water filters.  Adults are missing less work and children are missing less school.  Families have learned to take bottled water from their home filters to work and school.  As an aside, schools and churches in the areas the group visits are also provided filters.

For only $25, each filter can be used by a family for up to two years!

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