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Ingomar Living Waters works with in-country partners around the world to efficiently fund and complete water projects in order to bring the gift of clean water to others.  We offer standard-sized projects at the following pricing points.

  • $2,000 – Extra Small (XS)  [changed starting Jan 1, 2024]
  • $3,500 – Small (S)
  • $5,000 – Medium (M)
  • $8,000 – Large (L)
  • $15,000 – Extra Large (XL)

For details on how project sizing and pricing is determined, click below.

When you fund a water project, you will receive notification when the project is initiated with an in-country partner.  When the project is completed, you’ll receive a completion report showing details about your completed water project.  For examples of the type of impact your contribution can have, browse the Projects area of our website and drill into information about actual completed projects.

There are two basic ways to fund a water project.  On your own, or as a group (see section below if you’re going in with others to fund a project).  Funding a water project on your own is simple.  Just press the button below and fill out contact and provide payment information.  We accept credit card, checks, Donor Advised Funds, and employer matching funds as payment.

Funding a project along with a friend or with others in a group is not much more difficult.  You simply use a different form and specify the name of your group or other individual(s) that you are splitting the project with, and we’ll link everything together.  We’ll then find a project, fund it, and start your project, and notify everyone in the group as your project gets underway.  And we’ll forward a completion report when the project is finished.  To fund a project as part of a group or with other individuals, simply press the button below and then do the following:

  • Provide your contact info and press NEXT.
  • On the project funding page, specify the size of the well your group is funding (if unknown, select “TBD”), specify the amount you are contributing, and then specify the name of the group or other individual(s) you are going in with.  For example “First Methodist Church of Gainsville, Men’s Group” or “John Smith and Anna Jones”.
  • [OPTIONAL] If you would like to contribute towards family water filters (each supports a family of 4 for 2 years) or make a general donation, we’d love that but it’s not necessary.  Press NEXT.
  • Read and understand the info on how to pay and then press CHECKOUT.

That’s it!  Thank you so much for helping bring the gift of clean water to others!

All projects are made possible by World Changers.