Turning Wine Into Water 2020


Our utmost concern is for your safety. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ingomar Living Waters is cancelling our annual Turning Wine Into Water event which was scheduled for Saturday April 18, 2020.  Please follow health guidelines and stay safe.

Despite the cancellation of the annual event, renowned Pittsburgh artist, Cory Bonnet, has generously offered to donate a painting to fund a well.

A Special Thank You to Sponsors of Turning Wine Into Water 2020!

In this most unusual season, we are especially thankful for all those who helped to sponsor this year’s event.  This year, with the cancellation of the Turning Wine Into Water event, sponsorship monies have been rededicated to directly fund water projects around the world.  In addition, even with the event cancelled, others have stepped in to directly fund water projects, purchase water filters, and make general contributions which will also go directly to funding water projects.  Thank you, WORLD CHANGERS!

Grand Cru

  • Ryan & Catherine Baker
  • Jess & Cory Bonnet
  • Andy & Renee Choi
  • Jim & Sherree Funk
  • Paul & Julie Jones
  • Juergen & Julie Kloo
  • Michael & Wanda McGarry
  • Bob & Carol Meeder, Energy Innovation Center
  • Joe & Karen Scaletta
  • Paul & Nancy O’Neill
  • Carl & Ro Wiker & Family

Premier Cru

  • Carole Baierl
  • Phil & Jan Brooks
  • Ed & Connie Engler
  • EQT Corporation
  • Jim Harper & Joan Sarver-Harper
  • Andy & Terri Fraley, Ron Witman
  • Dave & Viv Huffman
  • Greg & Sallie Madia
  • Jim & Jan Mountain
  • Tom & Erin Quinlan
  • Kevin & Allyson Sweeney

Gold, Silver

  • Bill & Amy Belden
  • Jeff & Joyce Barksdale
  • Len & Sara Bellisario
  • John & Ronette Hillenbrand
  • Tom & Suzanne Kendig
  • Blake McKim
  • Joel & Carolyn Redfoot
  • Carol Sabreen & Jean Dobay
  • Craig & Sara Watkins

Water Filters
or General Donations

  • Scott & Darlene Brideweser
  • James & Shirley Crawford
  • Tim End
  • Kevin & Jennifer Kinross
  • Steve & Kathy Nimmo
  • Chuck & Deborah Pascarella

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Knepper Press Corp.
  • Dan & Pat Madia

And a Special Thank You To:

Pastors David Streets and Greg Cox for their support.

John and Diane Ellis for their vision in starting this mission and their continued work, donations, and support in so many ways.

Carl Wiker for taking the reins in 2018, for his leadership, and his tireless work to provide clean water to thousands.

Ingomar Living Waters Leadership Team: Jan Brooks, Darlene Brideweser, Meghan Mountain, Margaret Mountain, Tracey Swain, Chuck Fickter, Kelly Pernell, Jess Bonnet, Andy Fraley, Ryan and Catherine Baker and all of our amazing volunteers: This cannot be done with out you. We can’t thank you enough for all of your time and talents.

Pastor David Streets is retiring from Ingomar Church on July 1, 2020. And we hoped to commemorate all of the wonderful work on ILW by David, John & Diane, and Carl at this year’s Turning Wine Into Water event. But unfortunately, the Coronavirus and cancellation of this year’s event have made that impossible. But it is with much gratitude that everyone who has been involved with Ingomar Living Waters says “Thank you! Well done good and faithful servants!”

The Coronavirus has raised the awareness of the impact of disease on day-to-day life. Since 2011, Ingomar Living Waters has brought clean water to over 275,000 people, greatly decreasing the risk of water-borne disease and day-to-day hardship of acquiring clean water. We are hopeful that you will choose to be a WORLD CHANGER in 2020 and help us reach our goal of ONE MILLION DOLLARS in projects funded projects funded since our inception in 2011!


Goal: $1,000,000 in projects funded

From our founding in 2011 to today, we have raised $863,000 to directly help solve the world water crisis. The annual Turning Wine to Water event has, in the past, been the source of most of the funding for our clean water projects. World Changers …..you have been amazing in the past, and we think you can be amazing again this year! With your help and support, we can reach our goal of funding $1 million in clean water projects this year by you contributing towards some, or all, of your own personal water project. Details are below.

Even though we are not gathering, the need for clean water has not gone away. This year, we are asking that you consider being a World Changer by funding some or all of a clean water project. We think we can still reach our goal of funding our first $1,000,000 in clean water projects this year!

Here’s how it works. We have three project sizes: $3,000, $4,500 and $6,000. There are lots of reasons some water projects cost more than others: the topography and difficulty of access to the drilling site, the size and complexity of the project and the cost structure in the country where the project is located, just to name a few.

You can select a particular size of project and contribute towards some or all of the cost. A minimum contribution of $500 allows you to participate in YOUR own personal clean water project. If you are making a contribution to fund part of a clean water project, we will combine you with others who are also funding part of a project to complete a total clean water project.

When you participate in your own personal clean water project, we will request that sized project from one of our partners, subject it to our close and careful review and after approval, send you an email describing YOUR project. You will receive update emails as YOUR project progresses and then a final email when YOUR project is complete. The emails will include details about the people YOU are helping as well as photographs of the deplorable conditions YOU are changing. The final email will show you (description and photos, sometimes videos and sometimes testimonials) what your world changing contribution has accomplished….a clean water solution for desperate people.

If you are unable or unwilling to contribute a least $500 towards YOUR own clean water project, you can fund water filters for $25 each. A water filter is used in areas where a sufficient water source exists, but requires filtration to be clean. A water filter provides one family clean water for up to a two-year period before it should be replaced.

But wait…there’s more! Some World Changers have provided matches that will be triggered if we can fund wells of each size. Your contribution will become a “two for one”. We have at least two matches for each project size ready for funding if we can fund the same sized water project through your online contributions. Let’s not let those matches go to waste!
We can do this! Come on World Changers! Let’s make it happen!

Thanks for being a World Changer in 2020!