“Well” Wishes from John and Diane Ellis

Good news!  The “Well Wishes 2020” campaign successfully funded three projects.  To see details about those projects, click the three projects below.  Thank you everyone who contributed for your generosity in bringing clean water to those in need!

It saddens us that we have to cancel the annual Christmas Open House this year due to COVID.  We will miss seeing all of you!  At last year’s 2019 Christmas Open House, your generous donations funded $17,000 of wells which brought clean water to thousands of people.  In 2020, Ingomar Living Waters did 24 water projects averaging $5,300.  So just over 3 of those projects were completed due to your generosity at last year’s Christmas Open House.  That is amazing!

The need for clean water is as great as ever and many people around the world are in dire need of the help that we all have an opportunity to provide.  As we share our holiday “well” wishes with all of you, our wish for this holiday season still is to provide wells and clean water to those in need.  In this light, Diane and I would like to ask that you consider supporting Ingomar Living Waters this holiday season by helping fund several wells that are already in the planning stages in various locations around the globe.

Kitaihuka Clinic in Kiterede, Uganda - $4,500

Kitaihuka Clinic in Kiterede, Uganda is almost complete.  They plan to handle almost 3,000 patients a year and this clinic will be critical as the pandemic is expected to last longer in third world countries.  It will take $4,500 to drill a well capable of supporting the patient load expected at the clinic.

Dawuni Yili Village, Ghana - $3,000

The closest well to Dawuni Yili, Ghana is about 6 miles away.  Therefore, villagers usually walk just under 2 miles to a local pond for water.  However, that water is shared by animals and is very dirty.  Some villagers suspect witchcraft when someone gets sick from drinking dirty water.  It will take $3,000 to drill a well capable of supporting the village.

Unspecified location in India - $1,700

This village had a shallow hand-pump well, but the water level reduced over time and dried-up.  Water sold by a tanker truck is too expensive as is water bought and retrieved on foot from a nearby village which is almost 2 miles away.  So many drink run-off water and then get sick with cholera.  It will take $1,700 to drill a well capable of supporting the village.

NOTE!  To prevent identifying information about Christian aid organizations in India and Pakistan who are being persecuted and targets of acts of violence, we have removed project details from the public portion of our website.  If you were a “Well Wishes 2020” contributor, please reach out to ingomarlivingwaters@gmail.com and we will provide more details about the project in India that you helped fund.

Please click the button above to make a donation via credit card, check, or from a donor advised fund.  Any donations you make will go directly towards making these projects a reality.

A heartfelt thank you in advance to each of you for the kindness and generosity shown to those in need.  May you have a blessed Christmas this year and a happy, safe and healthy 2021!

-John & Diane Ellis