Thank you & hope to See you next year!

Ingomar Living Waters, a ministry of Ingomar Church, hosted a fun-filled, yet educational, event on Saturday October 13 from 9am to noon, at Point Shelter in North Park. Thank you to all who participated, donated, and volunteered. We hope to see you again next year!

Previously called “Walk for Water”, WaterWorks is designed for families to come, and experience first-hand, some of the aspects of the world’s water crisis, and what Ingomar Living Waters is doing to help solve it.

The event includes several “stations” where families can learn, experientially, about various aspects of the clean water crisis. You will learn about how far families walk for water, how heavy the water is and how much water we consume in the US, without even thinking about this precious gift.  There will be a special “kiddie station” set up where kids 0-3 years old can have fun too!

Please register to attend this event, so that we have an accurate count of attendees in order to have proper quantity of supplies on hand.

In the event that you are unable to attend the WaterWorks event on October 13, 2018, please contribute in order to help make WaterWorks a success and help us bring the gift of clean water to the world.

Countdown to event!