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The Problem

Very Little Fresh Water

97% of earth’s water is saltwater. 2% of earth’s water is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. This leaves only 1% of earth’s water as fresh water. And much fresh water is hard to access or is contaminated.

Contaminated Water Causes Disease

Nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea and diseases caused by contaminated water and poor hygiene.

Acquiring Water Takes Time and is Dangerous

In developing nations women and girls spend much time retrieving water making it difficult to attend school or develop a vocation. And many are attacked or raped en route while fetching water. And often the water is dirty or unavailable.

Our History

In 2011, the pastor of Ingomar Church outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania shared a video produced by Advent Conspiracy.  It was a startling fact that while Americans spend approximately $450B a year on Christmas, it would only take $20B to provide clean drinking water solutions around the world. The church responded by raising about $100K in the next three months.  And these initial efforts grew into Ingomar Living Waters.

Our Mission

Bringing the gift of clean water to the world.

There are 663 million people without access to clean water.  This leads to unnecessary disease, suffering, and death as well as perpetuates a level of poverty with time and resources dedicated to simply surviving.  Our mission is to provide the world with clean water.

Rather than recreate the wheel, our approach is to work with on-the-ground partners all over the world who implement clean water solutions and sanitation facilities and provide hygiene education.  We qualify and monitor those partners and through them are able to reach just about anywhere on earth where clean water is needed.

“…I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.”

Matthew 25:35

Our Results

Projects Funded ($)

People Assisted


Wells Drilled

Filtration Projects

Water Distribution Projects

Sanitation Projects

Other Projects

Our work is far from done!  But thanks to the gifts of many generous “WORLD CHANGERS,” we have been able to implement 206 projects and provide clean water to over 283,000 people around the world.

How Can I Help?

There are three simple ways you can help right now!

Make a General Donation

Every dollar donated to Ingomar Living Waters goes directly to water projects.

Sponsor a Project

A well or sanitation project typically costs $3-6K.  Purchase outright or split with family and friends to chip in to build a well!

Give Of Your Time

We can always use help with managing projects, organizing our major events, and with web and marketing work.

Also make sure to help us get the word out by following us on social media.